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PITRODA SHIP CHANDLERS dedication to the industry with over 10 years of expertise provides our customers with valuable knowledge, professionalism, and service that can’t be matched, it was established in 2008 Following The Values of loyalty and Tryst. Through the years we have built a network of strong and close business relations providing clients with fast and reliable services, high quality products and always reasonable prices.

     Our original mission statement as the " Quality and value of Services” holds true today as the largest privately owned Ship Chandler in the Kandla / Deendayal Port INDIA, Kandla is Our Home Port.

                    We Serving Ship Stores Items At Last 10 Years in our Family Business.

 We are willing to serve you anytime it is needed; our sales department is always open to your services. Certainly, we will provide you with satisfactory services at any time. Our mission is to provide a 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

    The Indian market it's a highly competitive market, and we are very proud of our distinguished customer service and we can say this is the greatest pride of our company.

Financial strength and purchasing power are what makes us the best value while never sacrificing quality.

     Consistent quality service and satisfaction of our customers worldwide have built our reputation as the most trusted Ship Chandler on the West coast | South-East- coast | East coast in India.



Provisions We maintain the highest level of freshness and quality and carry specialty foods for all nationalities.  Whether American, Greek, Indian, Filipinos, Chinese, Korean or Russian crew, we know what you need and can deliver.

Bonded Stores Stock up on duty-free items like cigarettes, alcohol, beer, Wine, Whiskey & snacks, Chocolates. 

Deck, Engine, Cabin Supplies All the tools you need, from wrenches & drills to wire rope and rigging. Navigational charts, safety gear, electrical supplies & fire extinguishers, all the cleaning supplies, paper products, and linens to keep your ship fully stocked.

We stock  Deck and Engine items including chemical products, deck stores, valves, hoses, pumps, ropes, engine supplies,


=We take pride in making it easy for our customer to receive their supplies, wherever they are needed, efficiently and with the best price, Discount, Quality and Quantity in Our service. Fresh Quality Privision And All Kind Stores Deck Engine And Repair Service Kandla Port We Are No.#1 Ship Chandlers Kandla Port Tuna Tekra Kandla Port Pitroda Ship Chandlers Kandla Port Pitroda Ship Suppliers

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